I have just completed my first ever React project, successfully building the working front end of a Tindr like web application for my studies at Academy Xi. This project I decided to call CompatabL.

Things I learned

Over the past few weeks, I transitioned from my safe space of learning JavaScript to the…

Phase 0 has come to a close from Academy Xi. We have gone through some of the intricacies of HTML5, CSS, and briefly touched on JavaScript. We’ve completed multiple labs, written our first personal websites, and learned how to make them look incredible.
So let's review.

Many of us started…

Over the past few years, I have found myself pursuing multiple interests such as recording bands/doing sound for TV, making videos for YouTube, and even writing a book. For a while, I was even passionately interested in trading on the Foreign Exchange market. I enjoyed trying to time the ups…

Damian Justice

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